Annie: long for Anna, is a manic twenty four year old writer and practicing gemini.

Although neither famous nor prolific, Annie Russo has a commitment to her brand, which includes being too online and wearing a necklace which says frazzled (pictured above). Core pieces to her identity include: thrifting clothes that are ill-fitting, performing improv comedy while pretending she hates it, shrieking to true crime podcasts, watching the hit reality TV show Vanderpump Rules (airing Mondays on Bravo), and believing in astrology. Similarly, she loves to categorize herself based on arbitrary personality tests, like a true ENTP. She can often be found with her green Hydroflask water bottle which is emblazoned with a sticker of the famous rapper Soulja Boy (whose 2008 hit "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" inspired her first tattoo).

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